When the car is driving outside for a long time, it is naturally necessary to drop the dust. Generally, it is only necessary to rinse it with water regularly. However, if sometimes some organic matter sticks to the body, it is more troublesome. For example, some trees will secrete a resin. When the car scrapes through the branches, the resin will stick to the body; the bird’s droppings are also very Difficult to deal with; in some areas, the weather is very hot, and the asphalt will also hit the fast-moving car. If it is not removed in time, it will erode the paint for a long time. If you are exposed to acid rain or sandstorms, you need to clean the car in time.

In order to effectively protect the paint film, it is best to first wax the body when the new car is just bought. Waxing not only protects the paint surface, but also increases the brightness of the paint to make the body shine.The paint layer is different from metal, its hardness is very low, and it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use soft suede, cotton cloth or wool brush when cleaning or polishing. Otherwise, it will scratch the scratch and make it happen.

After the car has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that the paint will have more or less fading, whitening and darkening. This is because the main component of the paint is organic chemicals, which will oxidize and deteriorate under the long-term exposure of ultraviolet rays. General cleaning can reduce the phenomenon of fading; mild fading can be waxed and polished, moderately ground, and only repainted in severe cases.
Nowadays, many people like metal paint, which looks brilliant and has a good visual effect. However, the composition of the glitter in the metallic paint is mainly aluminum powder, which is more oxidized and more susceptible to cracking. Therefore, it is more necessary to care for metallic paints, often polishing and waxing.

Polishing and waxing is not a difficult thing. If you are willing to do it, you can solve it yourself. There are a variety of glazing waxes on the market, both liquid and waxy, which can be taken well. After cleaning the body, pour some on the body, then use a soft wool, cotton or suede to gently and evenly smear on the body. No need to be very strong. A thin layer, not very thick, but flat and even. Do not operate under the sun during operation, and the surrounding environment should be clean. After the wax is finished, wait a second or two and then get out of the car. This is to make the wax layer have a time of adhesion and solidification.