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As a worthwhile enterprise, for the own existence,

not only to make the profit, but the important is to improve the quality of life,

to make a contribution to society.

Comma always adheres to the “Respect for Nature and Love for Mankind, Altruistic Heart” purpose,

so as to achieve a win-win situation in all aspects.

Each of us in Comma always stands in the customer’s perspective to solve the problem.  


Comma do every little detail carefully to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. 

Comma always serves the community attentively, with innovative spirit to produce the best quality car care products. Comma – your most trusted partner.


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Why does the engine automatically Flameout?

in:auto care

on:Aug 19 2019

Why does the engine automatically Flameout?

The reason for the automatic flameout after the engine is hit: the flameout caused by the carbon deposit; the oil and the nozzle are blocked; the ignition system has a power supply problem; the eng...
How to cure the abnormal sound of the body?

in:auto care

on:Aug 15 2019

How to cure the abnormal sound of the body?

  I believe that many car owners will be troubled by the various small noises of the car body. This is not only a low-end family car, but even some high-end luxury cars can not completely avo...
Spray Perfrne, Air Freshener PDQ Box We are receiving new design of the PDQ box for spray perfrne, air freshener. Click the link to know more about our air freshener product. Code: C1-60 Size: 60m...

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Just about every place you spend time needs constant cleaning: your home, your office, your car. While you go to great lengths to clean your home, your car may not get the same attention. An unclea...

Professional production

A clean, fresh and comfortable driving environment not only prolongs the life of the interior, but also effectively improves the driving mood. car accessories interior decorative Maintenance is ver...

Professional production

 Car engine overheating is very dangerous, and bad luck can cause the engine to be destroyed. When driving on a highway at a high speed, or when climbing a car, if the pointer of the water temperat...

Professional production

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