How to maintain the car in winter has become a topic of concern to car owners. After the vehicle has passed the warranty period, some faults will inevitably occur. Cars need “three-point repair, seven-point maintenance”, which is to find and eliminate some initial, potential, and hidden faults through active inspection and maintenance. In order to let the car survive the winter safely year after year, the only thing to do is not to send the car to the 4S shop to routinely replace the three filters, engine oil, antifreeze, check the battery… It should be said that There are no more than a hundred things to do, and at least five of them are things you should never forget. car parts

1. Car paint protection.

In the early morning of winter, there are many dews. The surface of the car is often very wet. If there is obvious scratch on the surface of your car, you should spray it in time to avoid the rust and corrosion of the scratched part. In addition, because the car is rained during the summer. The corrosion of medium rain acid and the direct sunlight in summer, the car paint surface will inevitably be oxidized. When winter comes, you should do a cleaning, polishing, waxing, sealing or coating on the surface of your car. A range of beauty care.  car parts

2. Tire maintenance.

The tire is the “foot” of the car, and it plays a decisive role in the safe driving of the vehicle. In the summer, due to the high temperature, always check the tire pressure, do not make the tire pressure too high, otherwise there will be a risk of puncture. In the winter, due to the relatively low temperature, the tires should be filled with air pressure to keep it within the specified air pressure range. At the same time, the tire should be inspected for scratches because the rubber tires tend to harden and become brittle during the autumn and winter. The tires are prone to air leakage and even tires. In addition, the inclusions in the tread are often cleaned. car parts

3. Engine

In the winter, you should always check the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment to see if the oil is sufficient, whether it is deteriorating, whether it has reached the replacement cycle, these oils are like the blood of the car, and must be replaced during the replacement cycle. In order to ensure the smooth circulation of the oil.

4. Brake system

Always check whether the brakes are weak or deviated, whether the pedaling force of the brake pedal changes, and if necessary, clean the piping portion of the entire brake system.

5. Defroster outlet

When the temperature is low in winter, hoarfrost will appear. In this season, you should pay special attention to whether the defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal, whether the heat reaches the standard of defrosting, and if there is a problem, it should be solved in time. Otherwise, Bringing insecurity to your driving.