Waxing, as a traditional project of car beauty, is the choice of many car owners, but many car owners ask, my car is often waxed, is this to protect my car, then let us look at the harm caused by improper waxing I hope to draw your attention.

First, too many waxing times, easy to wear paint surface!

The shortcomings of existing car paint maintenance methods are:

1, easy to oxidize

Car beauty will point out that waxing and sealing glaze, as a traditional paint maintenance method, can protect the paint surface for a certain period of time. They use petroleum as a solvent, so they are easily oxidized and form an “oxidation resonance” with the paint. In general, the car wax begins to oxidize in half a month and is completely oxidized after one month; the car glaze begins to oxidize in two months and is completely oxidized after six months. After the wax and car glaze are oxidized, the paint cannot be protected for a long time.

2, easy to wear paint

The general wax contains abrasive particles, and the paint lacquer is actually polished by the particles that are invisible to the naked eye. If the technique of waxing is to polish in a circle, then the car that is often waxed will have a circle of thin circles.

3, not resistant to high temperatures

Due to the dual effects of sunlight and engine work, the temperature of the paint surface is very high. In summer, the surface temperature of the hood can be close to the “boiling point”, even in winter, it can reach more than 30 degrees. At such high temperatures, the wax is easily melted and melted, and the melted wax will adhere to more dirt. Further damage to the paint surface. The car glaze also accelerates oxidation under the action of high temperature.

Second, the correct waxing method and time regulations

To keep the car clean and tidy, waxing is essential. Many drivers have a one-sided understanding of this, either frequent waxing or simply do not fight; some drivers believe that car wax to pick some more professional car wax, in order to effectively maintain the car.

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