The used car bought back, the car paint is generally aging, therefore, you must learn to maintain the car paint of the used car, so that the car will be more valuable.

The first is to wash the car properly. Car wash should use professional car wash liquid, but can not be replaced by detergent or detergent. The water flow of car wash should not be too big. When scrubbing the body, use a clean, soft cloth to prevent sand and other hard particles from fraying the paint.

When washing the car, be careful not to wipe the exterior of the car with a cloth with organic solvent, and do not put the cloth or object on the surface of the paint film, but also avoid strong impact, bump and scratch on the paint film. In particular, care should be taken to avoid scratching with hard objects in the road.

Vehicles should be placed in a garage or in a cool place when parked to prevent prolonged exposure. In addition, it is best not to park the vehicle under a large tree to prevent the erosion of fallen leaves and bird droppings.

In addition, some car owners find that after the vehicle has scratches, they will immediately make up the paint. In fact, some small scratches do not need to be painted, so as not to deal with it badly, but it will cause hard patching and affect the appearance.

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