As the summer approaches, the temperature rises straight and owners will always hear complaints: When entering the car, they stay in the sauna and the interiors are quickly sun-dried. In fact, these are nothing. However, as soon as summer comes, the incidents involving car punctures occur frequently. This directly relates to the safety of the occupants.
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The data shows that 45% of accidents on the highway each year are caused by tire failures, and punctures account for 70% of the total accidents. Causes of flat tires are many, such as tire pressure is too high or too low, tire leaks, the tire itself is faulty, overload speed, poor road conditions, and other reasons. Hot weather is a test for the tires. Summer puncture events often have a lot to do with high temperatures in the summer. Once the temperature of the road surface rises, tire and road friction will cause the tread temperature to be very high, under the thermal expansion and contraction, tire thinning, it is easy to cause a puncture.
The probability of a puncture in the summer is greater. How can we reduce the risk of a puncture? Perhaps we can do these three aspects. First, we must pay attention to the use of tires. Second, we must check regularly. Third, we must understand the correct treatment of flat tires.
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In summer, the temperature of the road surface often reaches more than 70 degrees, and tires and road surface friction can easily lead to a puncture. When driving in summer, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the speed of the vehicle, avoid sudden braking, sharp turning, and rapid acceleration. In the process of driving, choose a relatively flat road surface to avoid uneven ground and reduce tire wear. After driving on the highway for a period of time, the speed of the vehicle should also be moderated to allow the tire to slowly cool down.
In the car under the hot sun, every time the owner opens the door, he always suffers heat waves, and the seat and steering wheel is too hot to bear. Really do not want to enter the car! Long-term exposure to the car is a considerable hazard, will lead to aging paint, easy to spontaneous combustion, tire pressure is easy to increase, the probability of puncture will increase. Try to park your car in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight from the sun, parked in the underground parking lot is the best choice.
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The quality of tires will directly affect the level of tire pressure while checking the tire pressure, do not forget to check the tire wear. Found that needles, wear, cracks and valve rubber aging, etc., must be repaired or replaced with new tires to prevent the high-speed driving into a hidden danger. In order to ensure even wear of the tires, it is common to carry out a tire exchange in a 5,000-kilometer trip, and four-wheel alignment for 5000-10000 km.
Suddenly a puncture occurred during driving. First of all, don’t panic, stay calm, hold the steering wheel with both hands, and you can still control the car. While paying attention to the side of the vehicle, slowly brake and drive away from the main road. Do not apply emergency braking after a puncture, so as not to cause the vehicle to flick or roll over due to uneven braking force. When the vehicle speed drops below 20km/h, step on the brakes again to stop, and turn on the fault warning light and ask for help immediately.
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In summer, the risk of puncture will increase a lot. Although puncture is an accident with a very high-risk factor, as long as we usually pay attention to the condition of the tires and check regularly to maintain good driving habits, puncture accidents are still avoidable.
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