1. Car wash every two or three days. In case of rain, we suggest to wash it once a day, or clean the car after the weather. When the body is stained by dirt, use a cleaning agent to scrub the entire car with a sponge, then rinse with water and dry.

2. Turn off the engine before washing the car to avoid overheating the engine and dry the place where the cleaning agent has been washed. Under hot sun or hot weather, avoid cleaning too large areas at once. After using the cleaning agent, the body should be washed immediately with water to prevent the cleaning agent from being dried and leaving marks on the body. When the body is stained with oil, the descaling agent can be sprayed on the oil to dissolve it, and then removed by washing with a cleaning agent.

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3. If the tires and steel rings are stained with oil, they can be cleaned with detergent or cleaning agent, and then sprayed with tire maintenance agent to have black and shiny tires and bright new steel rings. If the bumper is stained with oil or whitening, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it with a hard brush. After drying, spray the leather care agent. The bumper will be as bright as new.

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4. If the surface of the car body feels rough, it indicates that it has been adhered by carbon particles or dirt particles, and it can be removed with decontaminated clay. When grinding, sufficient water must be added to remove the dirt and restore the original smooth surface. When there is dirt on the window, it can be treated with decontaminated clay and then wiped with glass cleaner.

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After the whole body has been cleaned, don’t forget to wipe the whole car with the maintenance lotion in the warm hair, so that it can be used to wipe the towel to make the body bright and smooth.

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