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Throughout the summer, the outstanding performance of the car air conditioner provides a comfortable car environment, and will be suspended for two seasons. Therefore, in the summer and autumn alternation, it is a very correct choice to do a good job in car air conditioning maintenance and cleaning, to ensure that the car air conditioner in the coming year is still rejuvenated. Use a Car Air Conditioner Cleaner as assistant.

More Reason To Do

Most of the summer is the most rainy season of the year. Even if the summer weather is hot and dry, many car owners still find that there is a moldy smell inside the car. In fact, this situation is mainly caused by the fact that the moisture of the evaporator of the automobile air conditioner cannot be volatilized for a long time, and bacteria are caused.

Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

The way to avoid this problem is not difficult

First, even in the summer, the weather is not always hot. At this time, the windows on both sides of the vehicle can be lowered to allow natural wind to blow in and keep the air inside the car fresh.

Second, when the air conditioner is normally turned on, the cooling function can be turned off before reaching the destination, but the air supply function is turned on, so that the natural air blows the moisture in the air conditioner evaporator.

Third, due to the high rainfall in summer, cars are often driven on some wading roads, which will cause a lot of mud on the lower part of the air conditioner condenser. After a long time, the condenser will be rusted, thus shortening the service life of the air conditioner. It is important to note that when cleaning, do not touch the condenser fins, or damage the tubes.

Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

Cleaning & Replacing The Air Conditioner Filters

Good air quality depends mainly on the air conditioning filter, so it should be cleaned regularly and replaced regularly.
Generally, the air conditioner filter is cleaned every 5,000 km or 3 months, and the air conditioner filter is replaced every 20,000 km or 12 months.
The air conditioner filter is a filter for the air inlet of the air conditioner in the car. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust attached to it will be blown into the car as the air conditioner is turned on.
Therefore, when the summer and autumn alternate, the air conditioner filter should be cleaned and replaced in time.


The replacement procedure is very simple, as long as the filter is taken out, it can be sprayed with a high pressure water gun and a sterilizer.


Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

Well Enough?

As shown above, the air conditioning duct is a system that produces comfortable air and delivers it to various locations within the vehicle. Because of the dry weather in the autumn, coupled with the high frequency of air conditioning in the summer, some dirt, dust, bacteria will breed and deposit in the air conditioning pipeline. If you do not use the special air-conditioner cleaning agent, it will still be difficult to clean thoroughly, which will cause problems such as poor cooling effect, small air volume, and even air conditioning system failure.

In general, special air conditioner cleaners can be used for air conditioning line cleaning. The steps are also very simple.

  1. Start engine and turn the air conditioner
  2. Open the air inlet of the air conditioner
  3. Adjust the air volume maximum, and the temperature is adjusted to the minimum
  4. Spray the car air conditioner cleaner into the internal pipeline from the air inlet
  5. Keep it on about 20 minutes
  6. The dirt of the air conditioning pipeline can be discharged from the sewage pipe


Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

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