Many people asked questions about the use of auto parts and said why the steering wheel will automatically return to its original position after the car’s steering wheel turns, that is, the steering wheel’s return function. Some owners will be confused by this. Why does the steering wheel automatically turn?

In fact, the steering wheel return is exactly the basic function of the car. Whether it is full or partial play in the direction, the normal vehicle will automatically return to normal after it is released. This is also an important indicator to judge the handling performance of a car. Most of the vehicle’s steering wheel assistance is divided into hydraulic and electronic assistance or zero assistance. However, this does not affect the steering wheel auto-reversal function.

The auto-return function of the steering wheel has a direct relationship with the design of the chassis front suspension. The parameters of the kingpin inclination angle and the kingpin inclination angle are closely related to the steering wheel auto-reversal ability. When the vehicle is moving, the steering resistance is higher than the straight resistance, and the direction will naturally avoid high resistance and return to its own position when there is no external force. These two parameters can guarantee the stability of the car in a straight line and the lightness when turning. At the same time, it can ensure that the steering wheel has the ability to automatically return. And reduce the wear of the steering system. Therefore, the two parameters of kingpin inclination angle and logout inclination angle play a very important role in the steering system of a car.

When these two parameters are not correct, or when the vehicle cannot be turned back after turning, or the return function is not normal, tires and other issues, we need to consider four-wheel positioning. Four wheel alignment can adjust the parameters of the vehicle steering, including the kingpin inclination and caster angle, so that all aspects of the parameters back to the normal state, the vehicle can safely drive. Therefore, when the vehicle owner finds that there is something abnormal in the steering system of the vehicle, he can go to the workshop to do the four-wheel alignment.

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