Sometimes inadvertent scraping will cause some damage to the car body, but because many car owners are not very familiar with car paint maintenance or their own car, they always do not know how to properly solve the problem of minor scratches. In fact, the maintenance and repair of the car body can be very simple, just remember a few tips to solve.

Repair and repair tips for wear scars: All cars have scratches. The best way to fix them is to fill the scar with the same coating as the body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice, or three times. The more times, the cleaner the coating will be. But the uniform handling of the entire body is also important.

Repairing small scratches´╝Ü If you find a scratches on your body, check the extent of the scar. If it is only a very shallow scratching of the paint, immediately use a mixture of agents, the wiping method is a straight line wipe. After the scar has disappeared, wipe it with a finer mixture and then wax.

Anti-rust measures: When you find rust, immediately solve it. If you let it go, the rust will gradually expand. The method of preventing rust is to wipe with a sandpaper or a chemical synthetic agent that changes the rust point. Use separately depending on the situation.

Repair and repair of bumper scratches: The flaws in the insurance smash are to remove the burrs and apply the putty to the potholes to make them smooth. Special putty, prepare various colors and choose the closest color. Painting with the same color bumper is very important.

Oil maintenance tips: too much oil will affect the engine, the ideal amount is close to the upper limit of the oil volume. Replenish the oil and try to prepare the same grade of oil as the oil in use. Be careful not to splash around the engine and check it once a month.

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