For many people, the car still belongs to the “luxury”, the new car bought with hard-earned money, less to say that it must be opened for 10 years. Whether the car is durable and has little problem is closely related to the operation of the “run-in period”. Generally speaking, the new car is in the running-in period before the 5000 km mileage. Although the engine of the new car has undergone “cold-running” before leaving the factory, this running-in is not able to replace the running-in in actual use. So, what problems should be paid attention to when the new car is running? You may wish to learn the ten new car running-in techniques we will introduce, so that the car can successfully pass the decision period of “future happiness”.

Tip 1: It is necessary to warm up the cold car

Some people may ask: Is the current engine technology more advanced than before, is it necessary to pay attention to the hot car? Of course it is necessary. This is because reasonable warm-up can help the oil form an “oil film” between the engine components and components, thereby reducing engine component wear.

Tip 2: Change gears when driving

This technique is mainly for manual transmission models. When driving a manual transmission model during the running-in period, shift gears should be timely and appropriate, avoiding the wrong behavior of high gear low speed and low gear high speed, and do not use one gear for a long time.

As for the automatic transmission model, the driver needs to continue to accelerate when the road condition is good, and pay attention to the engine speed, and try not to step on the accelerator to accelerate.

Tip 3: Maintenance should be timely

The new car must be maintained in time during the running-in period. We only need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the vehicle manual, after a certain number of kilometers or time, timely inspection and maintenance of the vehicle, replacement of oil, oil filter, etc., and comprehensive inspection of the chassis system.

Tip 4: Add fuel to be quality

Many new car owners buy cars that are cheaper to buy. In order to save money, everyone will go to some private petrol stations with lower oil prices. However, the quality of the oil at these stations is not guaranteed, and the damage to the vehicles can be large or small.

Tip 5: Avoid vehicles that are often fully loaded

If the new car is often fully loaded during the running-in period, it will be overloaded, which will increase the load on the engine and gearbox. Excessive engine output due to high load will cause excessive wear of the machine parts in the long run.

Summary: Everyone wants their car to be less durable and more durable, but many people often overlook the importance of the new car running-in period, and operate it at will, causing the new car to fail to fully enter the state. As the owner of the car, it is necessary for us to let the car run smoothly through the running-in period and lay a good foundation for the long-term use of the car.