Car wash is the most basic car maintenance, and many people think that as long as it is cleaned, everything is OK. In fact, if you look at it from a professional perspective, you still have a lot of knowledge.

Learning 1: the choice of car wash liquid Car wash car wash liquid, you must use the correct car wash liquid, car wash is the most difficult to use alkaline detergent or soap powder, because they have strong detergency, but also the damage is also large, often When they are used to wash the car, the light on the surface of the car body will soon be eroded; and it will accelerate the aging of rubber parts, tires, windows and the like. The correct car wash should use car wash liquid for car wash.


Learning 2: Choice of tools and supplies When washing a car, the car wash should have a division of labor. The bear’s paw is used to wipe the body, the long hair brushing the rim, the sponge to wash the tire, can not be confused, and follow the principle of top-down. When cleaning the car, follow the principle of top-down, use a soft towel to dry the water stains on the car body, and use a professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum the car. Many people have a deep affection for their car. They like to wash their own cars. It is really good to wash and wash cars during leisure, but if you don’t know how to wash, you will hurt your car.

Learning 3: Engine Fine Wash Many people do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the engine. It doesn’t matter if the engine compartment is not washed. In fact, this view is wrong. From another perspective, why do the high-end cars have guards on the bottom of the engine compartment to prevent the sediment from entering the cabin, and everyone will understand. Therefore, as the saying goes, the car is well maintained, look at the engine to know. Therefore, in order to make the heart part of the car work well, it is necessary to carry out professional cleaning.

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