With the popularity of automobiles, more and more private cars, car beauty demand is gradually increasing, but most car owners are not very clear about which car beauty products are suitable for their car, today, car octave car beauty decoration small series introduction six Common car beauty products.car care 

1, car beauty car wash products

Mainly for vehicle cleaning appearance products. Clean the car body surface dirt, silt, etc., to keep the car body clean, is a daily car maintenance products. Common such as: new formula high foam car wash liquid, water wax, car wash shampoo, neutral car wash liquid; professional point, car paint iron powder remover, paint surface grease degreaser and so on. car care 

2, engine external cleaning and care

Engine cleaning and care products mainly include carburetor cleaners, engine compartment oil scavengers, engine cabin maintenance agents, and engine surface iron powder removers.

3, tire cleaning and care

Automobile tires are mainly divided into cleaning products and nursing products. The main purpose is to remove dirt on the tires, keep the tires clean, beauty, extend the service life of the tires, and enhance the safety of the tires in daily use; tire cleaning products Mainly, tire cleaning agents, tire scratch repair agents, tire wax, tire brightener, tire protection fluid, tire treasure and so on.

4, car interior decoration cleaning and care

The car interior products are relatively rich, clean, curing, and a lot of deodorant products, mainly bamboo charcoal bags, anti-fogging agents, photocatalysts and so on. Cleaning care products are mainly automotive interior cleaners, interior curing agents, interior polishes, interior coatings, leather curing, leather coatings, instrument panel cleaners, instrument panel polishes, etc.

5, paint coating products

Car paint maintenance and repair products, mainly to protect the car paint, keep the paint surface clean and bright. The main products are basic processing products, polishing agents, automotive paints, degreasers, spray films and other products. Nursing products mainly include resin coating products.

Today, there are many auto beauty service projects. Some auto beauty shop management is not standardized. Not only is the price high, but some products are counterfeit and fake. Through the introduction of the above car beauty products, the car owners have a deeper understanding of car care products.