The engine is the key to the power output of a car and is also closely related to fuel consumption. Therefore, the engine and its accessories are regularly cleaned up, and maintenance can reduce fuel consumption, and vice versa.So how to maintain the engine to reduce fuel consumption

First of all, the air filter should be cleaned. If the air filter is clogged or the dust is too much, the engine intake will be poor, and a large amount of dust will enter the cylinder, which will accelerate the cylinder carbon deposition speed and make the engine ignite. Insufficient, the fuel consumption of the vehicle will naturally increase.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean the fuel deposits of the fuel injectors, because the combustion chamber is prone to coke formation, and the carbon deposits may cause difficulty in starting; the fuel deposits of the fuel injectors may also cause oil passage clogging, gasoline injection deformation, poor atomization, and fuel consumption. Increase. In addition, the throttle sludge is also expelled. The reason for the sludge at the throttle is that there are many reasons. Some of the fuel-burning exhaust gas forms carbon deposits at the throttle; then the impurities that are not filtered by the air filter are at the throttle. Residual formed. If the sludge is more than the intake air, it will generate air resistance, which will lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

According to professionals, cars should generally clean the throttle when driving 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers

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