When I was repairing a car at a garage, I found that the people who came to wash the car were in a constant stream, but the engine cleaning project was rarely noticed. It is said that the engine is the “heart” of the car. Isn’t the care of the “heart” more important than the care of the “skin”? carbon deposits

Because the environment of the car is very complicated, after the engine is used for a period of time, the dust and impurities entering the engine room will form harmful substances such as carbon deposits and colloids on the engine surface. If it is not cleaned for a long time, these harmful substances will be converted into sludge. Penetration on the engine surface not only causes rusting of metal parts, aging deformation of plastic parts, but also reduces engine power and fuel consumption, and even damages the engine due to various oxidation.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean the engine regularly to achieve the purpose of fuel economy.

Cleaning the engine can be done by a professional, or you can do it yourself by following the procedure below. First, the automotive electrical appliance is covered with a plastic film, and then covered with a semi-wet towel on the film to prevent high-pressure water from rushing into the distributor, making the car difficult to start. The high-pressure water gun is used to flush the dirt on the engine interior and the engine exterior from the top to the bottom of the engine. Next, the engine external cleaning agent is evenly sprayed around the engine and the engine room.

After drying for about 3 minutes, use a fiber brush to clean all the parts that can be touched in the engine room, and use a high-pressure water gun to quickly wash away the dirt. Spray the engine external cleaning agent on the engine surface (same procedure as above). Repeatedly until the engine exterior is cleaned. Finally, dry the cleaned engine with a semi-wet towel and use a dryer to dry the area where the hand is not easily accessible.

In addition, the proper selection of some gasoline additive products can also reduce the generation of engine oil and carbon deposits, avoid the time-consuming and labor-intensive situation during cleaning, and also help to improve the performance of the car.

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