The headlights are the most important part of night driving. In general, the lights can be used to remind other vehicles in addition to lighting. Therefore, the maintenance of the lights should attract the attention of every owner. For the daily maintenance of the vehicle, in order to prevent accidents, the lights are no exception, so when the problem of the lights will cause the attention of the owner, it is a bit late. Therefore, when the vehicle has insufficient brightness or the lamp is not working properly, it must be checked and replaced in time. Here is a brief introduction to the problems that arise in the daily maintenance of the lights.

1, halogen bulbs are best to choose a big brand, bad brand-name bulbs not only have low brightness, limited life, but also burn out the line.

2, the original car using halogen bulbs can properly increase the wattage, but the headlight wattage can not exceed 60W.

3, Xenon headlights quality difference is very obvious; HID Xenon headlights are very complicated process and technology parts, poor HID often has a short life, transformer boxes and bulbs are easy to burn out, and color temperature brightness and scattering angle are also Often do not meet the requirements

4、The upgrade of the lights should be based on the principle of “safe driving”; some owners prefer to choose the lights with high color temperature and blue light. This blue light will especially stimulate the eyes of the passers-by and drivers, not only unpleasant, but also Will affect security.

5、many car owners do not pay attention to the use of lights at night, improper use of lights can easily lead to traffic accidents. For example, when driving a car, turn on the high beam, arbitrarily flash the lights and so on.

6、there is a hazard after the brightness of the lights is reduced. Because the brightness of the lights will cause people to naturally fall asleep, especially at night, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. So use the twilight light with caution.

The light bulb of the headlights, like the bulbs we use every day, ages as the time of use increases, causing the brightness of the lights to dim. If the lights are changed when it is not suitable, the chance of an accident at night driving will increase year by year. Therefore, in daily maintenance, lamp maintenance is a thing that cannot be ignored. Always pay attention to the situation of the lights in the daily driving process. Once the brightness drops greatly, it must be replaced in time to reduce the driving risk.