1. Air conditioning maintenance: clear once in at least once a month

In fact, even in the season when the air conditioner is not used, it is best to keep the usage amount of one month on, which is beneficial to extend its service life. In addition, the air conditioner has been used for a long time, and the dust on the air conditioner filter is accumulated. The mold harmful to the human body is blown into the vehicle through the air conditioner, and the air intake amount is also hindered, thereby greatly reducing the heating efficiency of the hot air. Therefore.


2. Tire maintenance: pay attention to anti-skid


In the cold winter, the tire rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle, not only the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, but also the air leakage and the tire are easy to leak. The survey shows that tire failure is considered to be the number one killer on the highway, and its danger can be imagined. Therefore, the car owner must check the tire condition frequently. If it is found that there is damage or irregular tread wear, it must be checked by a professional at the 4s shop immediately.


3. Engine care: use regular antifreeze, regularly wash the water tank, start to warm the car

In winter, the temperature drops suddenly. If the vehicle does not change the antifreeze in time, the temperature below the freezing point of the antifreeze will cause the water to freeze and expand, causing the tank to freeze and make the engine inoperable. Therefore, when the owner replaces the antifreeze, a regular antifreeze product with a freezing point lower than the lowest temperature of 5-10 °C in the area should be selected to protect the normal operation of the engine. Secondly, the engine tank rust and fouling will limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. Therefore, regular cleaning of the water tank is also essential for engine maintenance. Many newcomers do not know that it is necessary to warm the car in winter, that is, warm the engine. After the cold car is in the car, the idle speed will be very high. It is necessary to wait until the speed drops to 800 rpm to stop the traffic. Otherwise, it will not only damage the vehicle components, but also be very oily during driving.

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