People who drive will always encounter such troubles. Whether in winter or summer, once the car is parked under the tree, it is very likely that the bird on the tree will be used as a bathroom, leaving you a bunch of face-to-face greetings, which often makes you feel helpless. Although bird droppings appear to be small, they are acidic and have a severe corrosive effect on the paint. When they are attached to the car for a long time, they will erode the painted surface into a rugged state. So once you find a bird’s dung mark on the car, be sure to remove it as soon as possible. Moreover, the more timely it is cleaned, the easier it is to remove. After a long period of time, the bird droppings are completely dry and hard in the car, and a circle of marks may appear, which is very troublesome to deal with. detergent

Some people habitually use a hard object such as a key or a knife to directly scrape the dirt, which is not only difficult to clean thoroughly, but also more likely to scratch the paint and cause more serious corrosion. So how to clean the bird droppings will not hurt the paint?

The first trick: use detergent. Dip the diluted car cleaner or household neutral detergent onto the bird droppings, then cover it with a paper towel, then pour a layer of detergent, then wipe it off with a soft cloth. According to this method, the dirt will float on the paint, and it can be easily removed regardless of the harder solidified dirt.

The second measure: wet wipes. Sometimes when you go out, there is no detergent at hand, and you can use a wet tissue for emergency treatment. We can stack a few wet wipes on the bird droppings, soften the bird droppings with alcohol from the wet wipes, and then wipe them off. After that, it is best to wipe it with a detergent at a convenient time.

In addition, it should be noted that when selecting a cleaning agent, it is better to use a cleaning agent that specifically decontaminates and does not hurt the paint, and it is better for dealing with bird droppings, gums and the like.