As the speed of cars entering the family increases, how to maintain the car has become one of the most concerned topics. In addition to regularly going to the repair shop for regular maintenance on time, the maintenance of details is also worthy of the attention of all car owners, because their maintenance and care are related to the comfort and safety of your driving.

Dashboard cleaning needs to be meticulous

A very important part of the interior of the car is the dashboard that each driver will face directly. Its cleanliness will directly affect the occupant’s visual perception of the overall effect of the car’s internal environment. Due to the complicated structure, there are many corners and corners, and it is difficult to clean various switch instruments.details

A little attention to the dashboard will reveal that there are very few parts that can be cleaned with only rags and sponges. The “single tools” are needed for these trenches. In this case, the “special tools” designed by them can come in handy. Various pieces of wood chips or ruler pieces of different thicknesses are repaired into different shapes such as oblique triangles, rectangles or pointed shapes, and then it is ideally wrapped in a clean rag to clean the ditch ridges, which improves the cleaning. The effect will not cause damage to the parts to be cleaned.

Washing the carpet by skill

The dirtiest thing in a car is the carpet. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for vacuuming, you can make the dirty carpet look less dirty. For more dirty carpets, only special detergents can be used. Generally, before using the detergent, do the above two dust removal work, then spray the appropriate amount of detergent, brush it with a brush, and finally wipe off the excess detergent with a clean rag.