1,  Remove sundries from the tread regularly
Clear debris is simple, the tire is actually just like the fake UGG that the landlord wears. If there is a little stone, it will be uncomfortable to walk. Therefore, the debris inside the tread must be removed in time. Miscellaneous debris in a tire will feel bumpy when driving, and the damage to the tire is also very large, especially when running on the road at high speed is to carefully clean debris, the punctured tire on the highway is not a joke, so remove sundries from the tread is necessary.
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2, Develop good driving habits
The driving habit is directly related to the driver. Starting, sudden turning, emergency braking, driving at a high speed in bad road conditions, often getting on and off the road, and scratching obstacles while parking can lead to tires. Develop good driving habits is the most direct maintenance of tires and effective method.
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3, The correct wear is normal
Some people think that if they don’t feel right when driving, they start to play in the same direction. This is a bad habit. In the same direction, it is easier to wear and concentrate on the same contact surface. This can be a serious wear and tear. If you want to avoid this flaw, you should use the direction when the tires are rolling. The wear in all aspects is considered normal. In particular, you must not wear unevenly or eat tires. If you find out, you must do a four-wheel alignment.
4, Avoiding berm and pits.
I saw that some car owners have more domineering parking habit, that is, like to let the car ride on the berm. In fact, during the process of the vehicle riding on the berm, the tire will be squeezed, which may easily lead to the breakage of the cord on the side of the tire, causing the tire to bulge.

There is also avoid the potholes on the road. When the tires run over the pit, the tires will also be squeezed. The bigger pothole and the higher speed, the tires will be squeezed. This will also cause the tire to bulge.

Of course, it is not impossible, as long as you do not ride on the berm for a long time, it will not cause a serious impact. Of course, the thicker tire wall, the better effect of the impact and shock absorption effect.

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5, Do not rub the tire side
Sometimes the abortion wall is inadvertently caused when the vehicle is on the sidelines. It is estimated that it is not open attention. In fact, the side of the tire belongs to the weak part of the tire. If it is worn badly, it will cause the tire bulge. It can be easy to puncture the tire. ~ When you are parking by the side of the road, pay more attention to the distance between the vehicle and the berm and avoid aborting the wall. The most important thing is not to wear or break something, this will increase the possibility of a puncture, a little away from the roadside is not very easy, parking is not so in place it! And it is inevitable that the hub will not be damaged.

In general, tires are very important for car safety, each driver can spend a lot of time thinking about tire maintenance and inspection. But don’t just care about saving money on your tires, and your safety can’t be taken lightly. It can’t be used anymore. You can change it, even if it’s hard to wear it.

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