Cars have gradually entered our lives. People usually have too much pressure on their lives. They usually choose to take a day off or vacation to travel. Although China’s transportation development has gradually advanced to the forefront of the world, there are still many inconveniences, so many people choose to buy their own cars, which will make the development of the automobile industry stronger. Today, the Comma will give you an idea of ​​the car.

The service life of automobile tires is generally about 3 years or 50,000 kilometers. This is mainly because the main component of the tire is rubber, which is easy to age and crack, which makes the tire strength lower and prone to puncture safety accidents. Therefore, the tire needs to be replaced in about 3 years. At the same time, due to the severe wear of the tire tread, it will seriously affect the safety and comfort of the vehicle. Therefore, the tires usually need to be replaced after 50,000 kilometers.

The effects of tire wear are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. The grip is reduced, affecting the driving safety. Driving on the stagnant water or slippery road surface, the drainage capacity is greatly reduced due to the pattern wear, so it is Easy to slip out of control, the consequences Unsatisfactory; in the over-bent or stone pavement, due to the reduced grip, it is also prone to side slip phenomenon, which seriously affects driving safety. 2, ride comfort is reduced, tire noise becomes Larger, and the tire tread wear effect becomes Poor, so that the tires absorb energy on the ground, the cushioning effect is reduced, and the ride comfort is also reduced.

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After the tire is worn, the tire noise during driving will be greatly increased. For example, the tire noise of the new tire is about 40 decibels, and the tire noise of the tire used for two or three years may reach 60 decibels or more Big. Therefore, considering the safety and comfort of the tire, when the tire tread wear is about 4 mm from the wear mark, it is necessary to consider replacing the tire. In order to prolong the service life of the tires and improve the safety performance of the tires, in addition to daily maintenance of the tires and maintaining normal tire pressure, we should also develop good driving habits, do not rush, accelerate, and drive smoothly.Tire Shining Spray