How to care your car seat
Car care includes a lot of content, including car seat cushion, car paint, car footpad, car interior, tire, etc. Today, we talk about the nursing method of automobile cushion.
car seat clean
How do you care for a car seat? The car seat we use is divided into several kinds, summer cushion, summer cushion, winter cotton pad, four seasons seat cushion, summer single piece cold pad, etc., talk about the nursing method of summer cushion.
 Car Seat Clean
Choose to buy the summer cushions, if it is linen, ice silk, fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, yuri fabrics such as silk, method is basically the same, use must be fixed, tied tight at the back, don’t let it casually, so reduce friction, protect the surface of the seat, seat cushion if dirty had better not be washed with water, if you use water to wash it’s easy to become loose, in the process of drying and can harden, because of the filling material will have different reactions.
Car Seat Care
Therefore, I recommend using foam detergent to wash, or with steam sauna bath to wash, car cushion, car MATS to environmental protection, breathe freely, antibacterial, mold proof, absorb sweat, the platoon is wet, and texture soft, comfortable sitting, otherwise the in the mind uncomfortable when driving.
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And winter cotton pad, cotton pad with fluff, fur, artificial fur, cotton and other types. And certainly not to be washed with water, at ordinary times to hang a few times, because the pads absorb sweat less volatile moisture after being affected with damp be affected with damp, time grew to have a strange smell, so the best when the sun shines. It’s like we’re making a quilt.
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