As the saying goes, a car is like a man’s second wife. Every time a car owner buys a new car, he or she will care for it, for fear that the car will get a little hurt. In order to drive the vehicle better and more comfortable, after buying the car, always put some necessary supplies in the car. In addition to the supplies provided by the 4S shop, such as spare tires, jacks, etc., we also need to prepare some tools for emergency use. Then the question is, what tools are necessary for the owner? Let us take a look.
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1, Jack + wrench + toolbox
In the course of driving, you may encounter tire leaks or punctures. Although you can use the rescue telephone to solve the tire problem, if the owner has an emergency, waiting for the rescue vehicle may delay the business. It’s better to change your car tires yourself. Jack+wrench+toolbox saves you a lot of trouble. For about ten minutes for a good car, isn’t saving time compared to other rescue vehicles?
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2, Warning board
When changing tires or other problems with the car, it is necessary to place a warning sign behind the car to alert the rear vehicle. The warning board should be set at 50 meters to 100 meters behind the car; if it is on the highway, it should be placed 150 meters behind the car; in case of rain and fog, the distance must be increased to 200 meters.
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3, Fire extinguisher
Automobile spontaneous combustion event happens from time to time, summer is approaching, and the hidden danger of safety is greatly increased. Although the probability of a car being self-ignited is not high, for safety reasons, we advise every car owner to have a fire extinguisher! When you are in danger, a lightweight fire extinguisher can save you at any time.
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4, Car carpet
The utility car carpet can protect our interior room from being clean, avoid the mud on our feet and bring it to the car. It is scattered everywhere, which is detrimental to the image of the car. With the carpet, we will be much more convenient when we brush the car. Just take it out and rush it. It is best to select a foot pad that is customized for the model and completely affixed to the foot pad in the foot space.
car carpet
5, Explosion-proof film
The new car must be bought with special care. In order to prevent the car glass from being scratched or broken, the car is equipped with an insulating explosion-proof film, so that the car can be cleaned with confidence, and glass spattering caused by accidental glass breakage is prevented. Usually can reduce the sun’s UV damage to the human body and avoid dazzling glare.
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6, Dash camera
In the event of an auto accident or stealing a vehicle, there must be a dash camera. Personally, having this thing on the car is a relief. At least when being bullied can make it clear. When the court is trying a road traffic accident case, it will be more accurate and evidence-based on sentencing and compensation, and it will also provide effective evidence for insurance company claims.
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The above are the six necessary tools for you to sort out briefly. In fact, there are still more devices to be equipped. Here are just a few examples that are common but very practical. How to equip your own car? , find your own needs on it.
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