With the increasing number of cars, car detailing is also concerned by more and more car owners, some professional skills can make your car a new look.

Use the right way to wash your car car detailing

Many people use washing powder when washing a car. This method is wrong. Because it contains alkaline ingredients, long-term use can make the paint tarnish, matt, chapped and rusted. A dedicated car wash cleaner should be used. car detailing

Deal with the car in case of dirt

During the use of the car, it is exposed to sunlight radiation and acid rain. It is easy to combine various corrosive dirt, such as cement, grease, mucus, asphalt, sap, insects, etc., to form stubborn stains, which in turn makes the paint surface dull. The lacquer is oxidized to shorten the life of the car paint.

Car interior should be cleaned and maintained

Part of the car is usually affected by external factors such as dust, sand, smoking, passenger sweat and air conditioning circulation, resulting in air pollution in the cabin, and bacteria breeding, and even produce unpleasant odor, making the velvet moldy and aging of the leather. It affects both the physical and mental health of the owner and the driving mood. Therefore, every three months should be done a full set of indoor professional care, often vacuuming when washing.

Cars and new cars should be carefully selected for car wax

Ordinary oily and solid car waxes have been gradually eliminated due to lack of adhesion, easy staining (watermarking after rain, etc.) and scratching of car paint, and long-lasting light. When choosing a wax for a luxury car, you should be cautious.

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