Having a clean and comfortable driving environment can effectively improve the driving mood. Car accessories interior decorative maintenance is very important, which can prolong the life of the interiors. The internal maintenance experience of the vehicle is summarized as follows, which only represents personal opinions.

The seat portion of a typical vehicle occupies most of the interior of the vehicle and is one of the most frequent contacts with people. When the seat is not very dirty, it is recommended to use a long-bristled brush and vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust when scrubbing the surface of the seat.

Leather seats in high-end cars are comfortable and noble, and have a long service life. You shouldn’t neglect the maintenance of leather. Ordinary chemical cleaning agents should not be used casually on it. It is recommended to use alkaline cleaning agents, for example, soapy water, and then wipe dry with a tissue.


Another important part of the car is the dashboard that each driver will face directly. Its cleanliness is the most important part of people’s attention when checking whether the car is clean. You can find that there are very few areas that can be cleaned just with rags and sponges on the dashboard. These trenches need to be cleaned with “special tools”.

Vehicle Carpet

The dirtiest thing in a car is the carpet.

Carpets that are included in high-end cars are basically integrated with the car. They are not easy to remove and clean, so it is best to place the footpad in the car. If the footpad is dirty, just take it outside the car and wash it.

The rubber added to the ordinary vehicle can also effectively keep the interior floor of the vehicle clean. It’s hard to say whether the smell of the vehicle is affected after installing the rubber.

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