Recently, the country has cooled down in large areas. When we add clothes, we should also test and maintain a car for our car. As the saying goes, three separate, seven-point maintenance, if the car is not well maintained, performance will be greatly affected.

Vehicle appearance inspection and maintenance

If the car has obvious scratches and abrasions, it is necessary to do external painting treatment in time. Because the role of paint is not only aesthetic, its more important function is rust prevention. Pick a sunny weather and do a full car waxing to maintain the car paint surface. For those that are already dirty, do not polish it multiple times. It is best to re-paint once.

In the winter, the rubber becomes harder and brittle. Not only the friction coefficient will decrease, but also the air leakage and the tire are easy to be inspected. Check whether the tire has obvious trauma or scratches and whether the tire pressure is standard. Care should be taken to clean up the inclusions in the tread and replace the worn tires. In many snow and ice areas, it is a good idea to use winter special tires.

Do not forget to check the lights. If the headlights are dimmed, they need to be replaced in time. The fog lamps should not be ignored. Brake lights are more likely to be damaged, and it is necessary to check and replace them in time.

Engine compartment inspection project

With the change of temperature, the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oil will also become worse with the decrease of air temperature. The increase of frictional resistance during the movement of automobile parts will cause the cold start of the car to be difficult, the engine power will drop, and even the burning shaft will be caused. In case of accidents, it is best to change the oil in winter.

Brake pads and brake discs as well as brake drums are also checked. Includes hand brake system. If there is no problem, use the repair shop blow gun to clean the dust of the drum brake. The uneven brake pads should also be ground to make them smooth.

In fact, many of these maintenance items can be carried out on a regular basis by the owner himself. Perhaps many owners are busy or neglected to take care of the car. People say that you don’t love cars, cars don’t love you. The precautions mentioned above are actually very simple, and not just for the winter. I still hope that every car owner will develop a good habit of regularly checking the vehicle.