Winter cars should be carefully maintained, because the temperature is very low, the parts of the car are relatively fragile, so be careful to protect your car. Now let me talk about winter car maintenance knowledge, I hope to help everyone.


1. Replace or add antifreeze in time. In winter, the outdoor temperature is very low. If the vehicle wants to operate normally, it must have enough antifreeze. Otherwise, the water tank will be frozen and cannot be circulated normally, and the vehicle will malfunction. Antifreeze should be between MAX and MIX. If it is less, it should be replenished in time.




2. Change the glass water in advance. In the winter, when washing the front windshield with glass water, it is necessary to use good quality glass water so that it will not freeze when the glass is washed. Doing so can damage the wiper and also affect the driver’s sight. Winter car maintenance 



3. Check if the oil is enough. In the winter, the car is running normally, and the motor oil plays a big role. Before the arrival of winter, we must carefully check whether the oil scale is within the normal range. Then look at whether your car should change the oil? The oil can be changed according to the number of kilometers on the maintenance manual. Winter car maintenance 

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4. If there is heavy snow, the car is covered with thick snow. When cleaning the snow on the front windshield, be careful not to scratch the glass with sharp tools, especially the wiper. Do not open it before freezing. Will damage the wiper.




5.Adjust the tire pressure. In the cold winter, try to ensure that the tires of the car are more than the summer, because the tires are prone to thermal expansion and contraction. This is comfortable and safe to drive.