If you look around your car, you can always find a few big or small or deep or shallow.

For the body scratches, our general practice is to polish and repaint in the beauty shop, and repainting in serious cases, but these costs are generally hundreds of dollars, not so cost-effective.

Most of the time, there may be a few light scratches on the paint surface. It is not necessary to spend time to go to the store, and it is even more impossible to report insurance. Therefore, it is more suitable to buy a scratch wax repair Way.

Before the construction, Comma first took you to understand the type of scratches, and the scratch wax was also suitable for repairing which scratches.

Scratch classification

1.Sun pattern and hairline

Under the sun’s backlight, you can see the scratches in a circle and a circle. The fine scratches caused by car washing, cleaning the car or slight friction do not penetrate the clear paint. Generally, the hand can not detect the dent.

2. Light scratches

There are very shallow grooves on the fingertips, but the primer is not exposed.

3. Scratch

There is a deep groove mark on the fingertip, but the primer is not exposed.

The above several scratches can be repaired with scratch wax.

1, cleaning. Before the paint surface is repaired, we need to clean the repaired parts with the car wash liquid, otherwise the gravel of the paint surface will cause secondary damage to the paint surface.

2, waxing. Use a sponge to draw a small amount of scratched wax and repeat it on the scratch until the scratches are removed.

3. Erase. After the scratches have been worn away, wipe off the scratch wax with a clean soft towel.

4, polishing. Although many scratch waxes have a glazing effect, after all, the wax is abrasive, and it is better to apply a mirror wax after use.

5. After use, it can be seen that the can be removed.