Waxing is good for car maintenance and maintenance, but many car owners still have some one-sided understanding of car wax. For example, some car owners will wax the car frequently, while others will not play it. Some car owners think that the more expensive the car wax is. The better, therefore, the special use of imported car wax. In fact, these practices are not appropriate. Here are some of the knowledge about car waxes and precautions when waxing.

The first is how to choose car wax. At present, there are many kinds of waxes on the market, there are solid and liquid, and the quality of car wax is different. Different car wax performance is different, its effect and effect are not the same, so you must be careful when choosing, not only can not protect the car body, but make the car paint discoloration.

Under normal circumstances, it should be considered according to the characteristics of the car wax, the new and old degree of the vehicle, the color of the paint and the driving environment. The new car is best painted with glazing wax to protect the luster and color of the car body. In the summer, it is better to use anti-UV car wax. When the driving environment is poor, the tree butter wax with outstanding protection effect should be applied. Ordinary vehicles use ordinary pearl color or metal paint series car wax, high-grade cars should use high-grade car wax, otherwise it will damage the car body. Of course, when choosing the car wax, it must also consider the color of the car paint. Generally, the dark car paint is made of black, red and green car wax, and the light car paint is made of silver, white and pearl color car wax.

Second, we must master the waxing frequency. The time interval for waxing should also vary depending on the environment in which the vehicle is moving and the location in which it is parked. Generally, there are garages to park, and vehicles that drive on good roads can be used once every 3-4 months. For vehicles parked in the open air, it is best to take a wax every 2-3 months due to wind and rain. Judgment can also be made by touch. In general, when the hand touches the body and feels not smooth, it can be waxed again.

It is best to use car wash water to clean the dirt and dust on the exterior of the car before waxing. Remember not to use detergent and soapy water blindly, because the sodium chloride component will erode the body paint, wax film and rubber parts, making the paint tarnish and the rubber parts aging. If there is no special car wash water, the vehicle can be cleaned with water, and the car body can be dried and then waxed.

After the body is waxed, some wax will remain in the gaps between the lights, license plates, doors and trunks, making the body look unattractive. If the wax scale in these places is not cleaned in time, it may also cause rust. Therefore, after waxing, be sure to thoroughly remove the wax scale so that you can get the perfect waxing effect.