The car is a whole, and the tire is the only part of the whole that is in contact with the ground. Its working environment is awkward, and it is common for the wind to blow the sun, but it is such a part plays a very important role in the car.A good pair of tires will give you a sense of security, will provide you with driving comfort, improve vehicle handling performance, and improve fuel economy.

Let’s take a minute to look at what kind of care the tire needs.

Each automobile manufacturer has special regulations on the tire pressure. Please follow the signs on the inside of the fuel tank cap or on the door. Some tires have the highest inflation pressure on the sidewall and must not exceed the maximum value.The tire pressure will change with the temperature change. The temperature will increase/decrease by 10 °C per liter/liter, and the air pressure will increase/decrease by 0.07-0.14 kg/cm2. The air pressure must be measured when the tire is cooled, and the valve cap must be measured after the measurement. it is good.

Please develop the habit of measuring the air pressure frequently using a barometer. It cannot be judged by the naked eye. Sometimes the air pressure runs away a lot, and the tires don’t look too embarrassing. The air pressure (including the spare tire) should be checked at least once a month, and the air pressure of the spare tire should be charged relatively high to avoid running away for a long time.Before the highway runs, make sure that the air pressure is correct; usually when driving on the highway, the tire pressure should be increased by 10% to reduce the heat generated by flexing, thus improving the safety of driving.

Insufficient tire pressure can cause the tire to overheat. The low pressure makes the grounding area of the tire uneven, the tread or ply delamination, the tread groove and the shoulder crack, the cord breaks, the shoulder part wears quickly, shortens the service life of the tire; increases the bead and rim Abnormal friction, causing fetal lip damage, or tires and rims, or even puncture; at the same time will increase rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption, and affect the handling of the vehicle, and even cause traffic accidents.

Tire maintenance is not a hassle, as long as you give it a little thought, it will use its entire life to work for you. Finally, it is important to emphasize that the tires are important!