The car body is the face of the car, so the car body maintenance is a problem that the car owner can’t ignore, especially in the south where the rainy weather is more, the rust oxidation seems to be a common pain for the maintenance of the owner. I recommend several tricks of anti-rust to everyone today to effectively prevent the car from rusting and oxidizing.

Tip 1: Be wary of small flaws

Corrosion often occurs on the surface of the paint. In addition to the common collisions and scratches, the small stones that bouncing on the tires on the paint surface will cause small spots on the paint surface. Small rust spots. These small scars are easily overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the body, engine compartment cover and bodywork.





Tip 2: Diligently check the humidity in the water

When the vehicle is in motion, it is inevitable to encounter rain or snow or to pass through the muddy water surface. Some voids in the bottom of the car and the floor inside the car are easy to accumulate sludge. If the owner does not clean it in time, it will make moisture. Can be hidden.

Car Anti-Rust

Tip 3: Soft lacquer finish

Some vehicles with softer paint surfaces may cause fine scars when the sand particles hit the body during high-speed driving. For this type of car, the body can be sealed, it can form a solid protective film, improve the hardness of the paint, the effect can be maintained for about a year.

Tip 4: Apply toothpaste for temporary rust prevention

Treat with ordinary toothpaste. When there are new small scars, apply the toothpaste to the scratches. After raining or washing the car, don’t forget to paint it again. This generally reduces the scratch marks, and can also be used as a simple isolation to prevent rust and no problem in the short term. Especially the white car paint, the effect is most obvious.