Water-free Foaming Hand Sanitizer – 75% Alcohol – 500ml


  1. 75% Alcohol Water-Free
  2. Foaming Type – Kids’ Favorite
  3. Cost Save – 85% Saved
  4. All in one. 1=6x (6x pump Vs hand gel)

Water-free Foaming Hand Sanitizer - 500ml, 2020 new formula. Foaming & water-free formula provides a better user experience.

Water-Free + 75% Alcohol + Foaming

Hand gel is quite popular recently but now we have another choice, the water-free alcohol foaming hand sanitizer, 2020 new formula.

A few companies, including 3M company, develops such formulas.

75% Alcohol ingredient for the antibacterial purpose.

Foaming & water-free formula provides a better user experience. Rubbing hands with a feeling of bubbles crack, no sticky. All kids like the foaming type.

Another great cost saving. This foaming type hand sanitizer pumps 6 times of regular hand sanitizer gel.

The long products line of disinfectants.

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