Disinfection Sprayer Fog Machine – Multiple Usages


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Disinfection Sprayer Fog Machine

It's an efficiency disinfection sprayer fog machine for multiple usages, including car, home, office, hotel, pub.....everywhere, for either disinfection or air purifying.

Additional information

Product Name

Disinfection Sprayer Fog Machine


AC 110-240V,50-60Hz

Smoke Output

2000 cu.ft / min


Disinfection, Purification of Air, Decomposition of Odor


Car, Home, Office, Hotel, Market, Pub, etc.

What Happen in 14 Seconds?

We tested the machine in the office. It took only 14 seconds to make the reading out of range. The best prove of the machine’s efficiency.

We use it in our conference room.

Just take minutes, we finished the disinfection work of our conference room. All we need to do next is waiting for the mist to be disappeared before we enter the room. Easy to everyone.

Who Needs It?

A Carwash Shop Owner

The machine cost is just twice the disinfection service fee in some places, for example, China.

Disinfection & Cleaning Service Company

5 minutes. You can do a room of 50 square meters, with just a little bottle of disinfection solution, without human operations. 

Image how much disinfection solution you will use with a hand spray bottle and the manpower cost.

Who Don’t!

You just don’t care anything. The money, the time, and the manpower. Even your customers’ satisfaction — research found that the customers would love to see many fogs and they have a feeling of great disinfection.

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