When it comes to pick-up trucks, many of my friends’ first impressions may be urban traffic restriction, reflective markings, door spray words, and returning to this model… But in the neighboring country of Japan, the American old-school pick-up truck produced in the last century are enthusiasts. In the hands, new shoots were issued.
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At the Odaiba meeting, a Chevrolet C10 pickup truck was very noticeable at the venue. After all, the Japanese environment is relatively suitable for the survival of old cars, whether it is the climate or the policy; therefore, this pickup truck that has passed through more than half a century is still able to pass the inspection and is legally on the road.
This car was born in 1963 and is the first generation of GM’s C/K series pickups. The original powertrain includes inline six-cylinder, V6, V8 and other structural engines, covering multiple displacement ranges. At the time, Chevrolet adopted a new architecture, which made the C10’s cockpit center of gravity even lower. The front suspension also changed to independent suspension, breaking the dividing line between trucks and cars.
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By the way, the Chevrolet’s (C10 Stepside Pickup) model is still somewhat unconstrained by the designer’s ideas, but it is also an expression of the 60-era American style.
The sky blue C10 is from the hands of Fit Kustoms. If you ignore the lowrider style of the depression, the exterior of the car looks just like the last catastrophe. But if you lift off her cabin cover, you will find that everything is not that simple.
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The original C10 is just a scorpion, the following is a newly designed chassis and powertrain, the engine compartment is sitting in the middle of a classic Chevrolet 5.3L Vortec V8 engine, motor, air intake and a variety of peripheral accessories have been re- Designed to fit into a narrow cabin that already accommodates two large-sized tires.
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The original chrome-plated luggage rack above the roof has been covered in a layer of patina. The rattan luggage and the travel bag with the Coca-Cola logo are on the roof. I can’t help but make up for the smallest window on the radio. Music, the feeling of Mercedes-Benz on Route 66, known as the American Mother’s Road.
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The original open-car box at the rear of the car was transformed into a simply covered seating area, making the car more road-traveling. The combination of slotted iron plates and rivets carries the feeling of a hippie in the seventies.
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Japan’s modified car culture can be described as an all-inclusive style. Remodeling styles from all over the world can find a place in this area and become a distinctive street line. This may be the reason why Japan can become a pilgrimage site for many gamers to dream of.
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