The most troublesome thing for all drivers in the world is that winter is here. When it snows, the vehicle is heavily snowed, which poses a big problem for the maintenance of the vehicle. On the other hand, when driving on the road, not only must the ice and snow on the ground be watched, but also the vehicles and the vehicles that pass by. pedestrian. So in such weather conditions, how to maintain the car?car wash

First of all, after heavy snowfall, the body should be cleaned up and car wash. The seemingly white snow contains a lot of corrosive substances such as acid, alkaline or salt. If it is not removed in time, the snow will erode the paint and make the external bright glaze tarnish. In addition, if the snow on the car body fails to be removed in time, the weather turns cold after the snow, and the snow tends to freeze, freezing the window, the water spray hole, the keyhole, and the like.

When cleaning up snow, never open the wiper directly. Because the snow is too thick, many rubber strips on the wiper are too heavy to bear the weight and eventually become deformed. Not only failed to remove the snow, but also damaged the wiper. Therefore, it is best to use a car-specific snow removal shovel to remove snow when cleaning the body.

If you want to car wash, you should pay attention! Do not rinse directly with cold water or hot water to avoid damage to the paint. It is even more difficult to flush the engine with cold water, which can easily lead to engine explosion.

Secondly, when driving on the road, it is best to prepare a piece of cotton cloth at hand, which can wipe the fog and mirror on the inside of the window while parking, and maintain a good line of sight. And always pay attention to the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, and then keep a sufficient distance from the front car, always ready to brake in advance, when the distance between the car and the car is shortened, the oil will be decelerated and the foot will be placed on the brake for whatever reason. Prepare the brakes on the pedals.

If you encounter uphill and downhill during driving, try to use a low-grade smooth pass, and you should not shift gears in the middle. Anti-extinguish on the uphill slope, the neutral slope is absolutely forbidden to slide. You must know that every mistake of your driving habits may cause damage to the engine and shorten its life.

Finally, one thing to note is that the snowy road is slippery, the car is slow, and it is easy to cause congestion. In this way, the driving state of stop-and-go is “depletion driving”, which will cause damage to the vehicle, resulting in a large amount of carbon deposit in the engine, and it is necessary to check once every time to avoid affecting the life of the engine.

No matter where you are, whether it is ushered in heavy snow, but preparations must be done well. I hope that the car owners will drive safely in the snow and ride thousands of miles.