After entering the autumn, as the weather gradually turned cold, many car owners began to do “beauty detoxification” for the car. After all, after a summer of wind and sun, the window opened for a long time, and a lot of dust accumulated in the car. The soot on the floor mat, the block stain on the seat surface, the shoe print on the underside of the inner door panel, the dust on the instrument panel and the canopy need to be handled well.

Leather seat

Don’t blow dry with a hair dryer. Currently, car seats are basically divided into leather seats and flannel seats. There are also differences in maintenance methods for both types of seats. When the owner cleans the leather seat by himself, do not spray the chemical cleaning agent. You can choose some strong alkaline cleaning agents. For example, the soapy water commonly used in life, put the appropriate amount of soapy water on the soft towel, gently Wipe, wipe the soap and air dry, then wipe it twice with a soap-free wet towel.


Car carpet

Do not completely soak in water to wash,The most dirty thing in the car is the carpet. In the cleaning of the car carpet, many consumers will easily enter the misunderstanding. When cleaning, the whole carpet is completely put into the water and soaked and brushed. In fact, such a method is not desirable. On the one hand, all the soaking will damage the adhesion of several layers of different materials inside the carpet. On the other hand, the washed carpet may cause moisture in the car and corrode the chassis of the car.
In fact, for carpets that are not very dirty, vacuuming with a brush head can be done. If the carpet is really dirty, then do the dust removal before using the detergent, then spray the right amount of detergent, with a brush. Brush it clean, and finally use a clean rag to suck off the excess detergent.

Cleaning the dashboard

Use antistatic cleaner,For the cleaning of the instrument panel and the center console, the principle of cleaning the center console is basically similar to the principle of seat cleaning. The tools needed to clean the center console are clean rag, neutral detergent and water. Do not use wet rags. wipe. Need to remind consumers: when choosing the type of detergent, it is best to use anti-static plastic special cleaner, the effect will be better.

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