Although the injector is a simple solenoid valve, it is a very important component of the Electronic fuel injection engine. Its working conditions of directly injector engine performance. When the electromagnetic coil of the injector is energized, suction is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, The orifice is opened, and the fuel is sprayed at a high speed through the annular gap between the needle needle and the nozzle hole to form a mist. Conducive to full combustion. However, many people will ignore the cleaning of the nozzle. , if the nozzle is clogged, it will seriously affect the performance of the car.

Electronic fuel injection engine

When does the injector need to be cleaned?

When the engine injector is clogged, the fuel injection is not smooth or the nozzle is not closed. If there is carbon deposits and glue in the nozzle gap, the injector will not reach the designed fuel injection amount or atomization effect, and it needs to be cleaned at this time. If you find that your vehicle has jitter at the start of the first gear and waits until the high-speed acceleration is jittery, then the injector is slightly blocked. This is because when the high-end position is accelerated, it is possible to spray off the slight gel again, and of course the performance of the vehicle will recover. When the engine injector is slightly blocked, it is generally not necessary to clean, because the slight glue can be dissolved, which is why people always say that the car has to run high speed.

How often does the injector clean?

There is no fixed answer to how long the nozzle is cleaned. The injector is not a consumable part. If the vehicle is started at speed, it is generally not necessary to clean it. At the same time, the injector is also a precision product, which has many types of electrospray, as well as single-point electro-spraying, direct-injection, etc. It is recommended to use ordinary additives to maintain the daily cleaning. Improper removal and washing operations may have a slight impact on future assembly.

The advice given by the maintenance master I know is: If you love the car and are willing to spend, then 20,000 km to clean once, the general owner 30,000 km once again. If the car is in good condition and the fuel quality is good, it can be extended to 4 to 60,000 km for cleaning.

Injector cleaner

How to clean the injector?

1. Wash by “Hanging bottle”. This method is simple and easy to operate, as long as the appropriate cleaning agent is stuck into the dedicated equipment, the connecting pipe is separately connected to the inlet and the inlet pipe according to the regulations, and then the engine is running for 20 minutes.

2. No need to clean by disassembly. This method utilizes the pressure and circulation network of the original system of the engine, and replaces the fuel combustion with a cleaning agent to clean the carbon in the cylinder, and then discharges it by using the exhaust system. Although this method is simple, there are too many kinds of cleaning agents, and the specifications are different. If it is a poor quality cleaning agent, it will be different because of the calorific value., It is easy to damage the piston, exhaust valve and cylinder wall during the cleaning process. Moreover, it also has certain damage to the nozzle and seal ring of the injector and the three-way catalytic machine.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning method. This is the most common now, and the cleaning effect is better. You need to remove the injector.

Injector cleaner