Tire repair fluids are now widely used by many car owners. Among them, vacuum tire repair fluid is also very popular. It can be said that it is a good helper when driving. So is the vacuum tire repair fluid easy to use? These questions are second only to our comma. Introduce to you.


THIS® tire oil is very suitable and has become a must-have for outgoing driver friends. The THIS® Tire Repair Solution instantly repairs the tires with a proprietary formula that makes the tires repairable, easy to use, tools free, and no jacks required. Repair the tires and inflate for one minute to eliminate traffic safety hazards and avoid traffic accidents. Applicable to all vacuum tires; after adding the tire fluid, reduce the tires by 3 to 5 degrees under the same driving conditions to deflate the tires. It adopts environmentally friendly natural decomposable raw materials, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless; it uses special anti-corrosion factors to effectively prevent wheel damage.

How to repair the vacuum tire repair fluid?

THIS® tire repair fluid is foamy. Usually, after installing the tire, the bead and the annular lip should be studied as much as possible and then injected through the air nozzle. The car tire filling fluid is compressed in an aluminum bottle with compressed air. Therefore, you do not need to pump at the time of injection, and the compressed air will enter as the tire fluid is injected. Enough to pump the pressure you need.


The tire fluid is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and naturally decomposable. It is suitable for repairing vacuum tires such as cars, trucks, electric cars and bicycles, such as pinhole leaks and sand holes. THIS® tire repair tires do not require a jack and do not require an air pump to achieve a tire-filled two-in-one effect.

Inject THIS® tire fluid into the tire through the valve. When the vehicle is running, the replenishing liquid forms a protective film in the tire due to the centrifugal force, and the remaining liquid is dispersed in the tire. on the way. When the tire is pierced by a nail or other sharp, hard material, the violently expelled air will bring the mixture into the hole and immediately fill the hole and fill it securely.

THIS® has a strong tire filling capacity and can fill holes as small as 6mm. The same applies to pneumatic rubber tires for all types of vehicles. After injecting the tire, it can be stored in the tire for a long time and remains liquid for a long time, until it does not freeze at -40 ° C, does not decompose to 100 ° C. This product does not corrode tires and metal wheels and prevents rust. The product itself does not burn, is non-toxic and non-polluting.