First, the aging of the circuit oil circuit is the culprit of spontaneous combustion.

There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion incident caused by the engine compartment. The engine compartment of the car is covered with various wires and components. In summer, the components of the car are easily short-circuited by rain and water. The aging of the circuit or the damage of the insulating rubber and the connection of the joint are all the culprit of spontaneous combustion. And many models on the market are turbocharged, the temperature of the turbine working up to 800 degrees Celsius, the oil road aging, oil leakage, coupled with outdoor exposure in the summer, it is easy to cause the vehicle to spontaneous combustion. Therefore, the vehicle has been used for a long time, especially for cars of more than three or five years. It is normal to have oil circuit and circuit aging. Therefore, it is necessary to develop regular inspection and maintenance. If problems are found, it is recommended to go to 4S shop or regular repair shop in time. Maintenance, to prevent unburned.


Second, the perfume lighter in the car is the fuse

In summer, the temperature inside the car is as high as 70 degrees. At such high temperatures, the alcohol in perfumes, lighters or air fresheners is prone to explosion. Therefore, in the summer, special attention should be paid to checking the contents of the car to avoid causing unnecessary losses to yourself.


Third, long exposure to bare exposure, can not be underestimated

The parking place of the car is also very particular. The temperature of the engine compartment is very high. If the car is parked under the tree and next to the grass, high-temperature engines and exhaust pipes may point these flammable materials; therefore, we recommend stopping the car as much as possible. Indoor or cool place