Drivers who drive through the car will find that the fuel consumption of the newly bought car is very low, but after a while, it will be found that the fuel consumption of the car is slowly rising. Why is this? Regular cleaning and maintenance of the various components of the engine will reduce fuel consumption and reach the initial fuel consumption level.



Recently, many friends have asked me why my car has been so fuel-efficient recently. Is there any good way?



The advice I gave was to clean the engine regularly. Of course, some friends said that frequent disassembly of the engine will cause a certain degree of damage to the engine. So regularly clean up and find a professional master.Even if it costs a little money.Engine maintenance


Engine maintenance

Specific method: It is very important to clean the air filter, because if the air filter is clogged or there is too much dust, it can’t guarantee the smooth entry of the air into the engine. First, it can’t provide enough oxygen for the special combustion of the engine. This will cause some of the oil and gas to be discharged from the engine without burning, resulting in a certain amount of waste. On the other hand, a large amount of dusty gas entering the cylinder will accelerate the carbon deposition speed of the engine cylinder, so that the ignition of the engine is not smooth enough, resulting in poor ignition, insufficient power, and ultimately fuel consumption.



The carbon deposits of the clear injectors are also very important. Because the combustion chamber is very easy to produce carbon deposits, and too much carbon deposit will cause the engine to be difficult to start, while the nozzle carbon deposits still sleep, causing oil passage blockage, gasoline injection deformation, poor atomization, and natural fuel consumption. Will increase. In addition, the sludge and carbon deposits from the throttle are also an aspect of fuel consumption.


We believe that the car will be cleaned up between 10,000 and 20,000 kilometers. It is very good for engine life and fuel consumption.

We believe that when the car is driving 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, it must be cleaned up. It is very good for engine life and fuel consumption.