In the past few years, many drivers will see many cars on the road with lights on. At first, it was thought that people had mistakenly touched the lights switch, or forgot to turn off the lights. But, it was only a daytime running light. Another doubt arises that even during good daytime, people will see a daytime running light. And this light is not very bright. Is this not necessary? Here’s just about Comma to see if this light should be on!
daytime running light
Still emphasizing one thing, no matter how advanced, beautiful and high-tech the car is, it must be based on safety! Therefore, the seemingly unsophisticated design of daytime running lights is also due to the need for safety. Everyone knows that the lights must be turned on at night to see the road ahead, but there is also a role that allows others to see you as the car comes in, so that you can dodge and give way to you.
The daytime running lights are not light as the nightlight, so its main function is not lighting, but to let people discover your car in time. For example, in the case of rainy days or poor early morning vision, the daytime driving lights can make it easy for the car to take notice of your car. Even if a car driving in the same direction drives a daytime running light, you can also pay attention to other people’s driving conditions and respond in a mirror.
daytime running light
Regarding security, in the end, using data to speak is more convincing. The daytime running lights were transmitted from Europe. There are investigations abroad. Turning lights on can reduce 12.4% of car accidents, and can even reduce the 26.4% death rate from accidents. Moreover, EU countries have also imposed rigid regulations that new vehicles must have daytime running lights.
Daytime running lights can improve the visibility of cars and serve as a reminder to others. They have a positive effect on improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents. It can be seen that daytime running lights are indeed necessary.
daytime running light
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