1. To ensure timely replacement of vehicle’s oil, fluid, filter, etc. 
The oil must be replaced before every 5,000 km. Gasoline should be filled every time one-third of the tank is left. The gear oil must be changed every 50,000 km. The brake oil must be replaced every 20,000 km. The antifreeze must be replaced by 30,000 km. Cleaners and fuel filters must be replaced on time. The use of oil, water, and fluids that are clean and non-drip to maintain standards is a key guarantee for the safe use of vehicles for extended service life.
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2. Clean and care car body regularly. 
The body paint is like a person’s skin, and it may be allergic and unpleasant when it encounters seasonal changes. In March, with the increase of rainfall, it often encounters rainy or accumulating road surface, and the sludge in the gap at the bottom of the vehicle is very easy to enter. After running at high speed, there will be a lot of insect carcasses in the front of the vehicle, which is very corrosive to the paint. After the high-speed driving, the vehicle should be cleaned in time.

Car paint maintenance can go to the beauty shop to do a seal or coating treatment. Sealing glaze and coating can fill the small hole or concave surface of the paint to form a protective layer. The brightness and hardness of the paint will be greatly improved.

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3. Regular “exchange of blood”
The replacement time of each brand’s requirements for vehicle oil is not the same, but vehicle oil replacement needs to be determined based on usage and vehicle brand. In general, it is recommended that a full vehicle oil replacement is performed for 40,000 km.
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4. Oil
For a car, the engine oil is the blood of the car and can play the role of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, anti-wear, rust prevention, and corrosion protection.

Every time you go to the 4S shop, replacing the “oil, machine filter” is a must-do maintenance project. In order to ensure that this work is done, the old oil can be fully released and replaced with new oil. The owner can monitor the entire process and request removal of the old parts, including the remaining oil. After the maintenance is done, pull out the oil gauge to check if the oil is clean.

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5. Antifreeze
Normally, antifreeze is replaced every two years. Antifreeze needs to be added when the car travels between 40,000 and 60,000 kilometers within two years. The old antifreeze of the refrigeration system must be completely drained and the cooling system must be thoroughly cleaned before adding new antifreeze. Antifreeze. Antifreeze is best to use the same brand of products, in addition, antifreeze does not only work in winter, so in other seasons it cannot be replaced by water or mixed with water.
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