If you want to prevent the car from having a short service life, you should not only achieve “three-point repairs, seven-point support,” and good driving habits are also very important.
If you develop a bad driving habit and drive in this way for a long time, there will be more and more problems with the car, and it may even cause the car to “strike.” What kind of driving habits that don’t seem to have many relationships with you is quietly hurting your car?
good driving habits
1, single wheel over deceleration strip
The reason why some people would have a single round of over-deceleration strip, because they think that this method can reduce the impact on the car, in fact, this method of passing is very harmful to the suspension system, for a long time., not only the wheel will be damaged, Suspension systems also have problems.
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2, Parking on uneven roads
 Parking on this road for a long time will not only make the frame distorted, but also affect the closing of the door; at the same time, it will also damage the car’s dust cover and direction steering rod.
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3, Start with air conditioning
Many people’s start car air conditioning is also followed by the opening; after the car is turned off, the air conditioning is turned off; In fact, this practice will make the air conditioning internal growth bacteria. The air conditioning is usually turned off a few minutes before the flameout, and the air conditioner is turned on a few minutes after the car starts.
4, Reversing when the car is not stopping steady
In this state of reversing, you are likely to hear the car emit a “kaka” abnormal sound, which is actually wearing gear. If this is the case for a long time, it is likely that the car will enter the repair shop.
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5, Turn the steering wheel to the end for a long time
This situation will certainly happen when the steering wheel is turned to the end, but this time should not be too long, otherwise it will damage the booster pump; generally, the maximum length cannot exceed 10 seconds.
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6, Forget to turn off the wipers
This situation is generally because the previous day was rain and snow if it was forgotten to turn off the wipers in the winter, the wipers were easily frozen and even burned.
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7, Washing the car under the sun
Although there are not many people doing this thing, there are still others; they feel that car washing is dry faster under the sun; if this is the case, it can also lead to paint cracking and even damage to the tires.
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8, Refuel the oil when the oil tank is empty
If this is done often, it will reduce the life of the fuel pump and even burn the fuel pump.
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9, Use electricity after the car flameout
After the car is turned off, there is no need to use electricity anymore. This may cause the battery to leak electricity or cause an abnormal loss of battery power. It is necessary to develop the habit of power-off after the car is turned off.
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10, Idle time is too long when starting.
Today’s cars and idle cars are enough in one minute; idle car time is too long, which not only increases fuel consumption, but also can damage the engine.
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