The concept of wax has evolved from general waxing and glazing to today’s protective glazing, which has become a must for contemporary automotive beauty care. Before waxing, you should pay attention to two aspects: one is to choose wax, and the other is to operate. The wax selection should be carried out according to the needs of the paint protection. It should be carefully selected according to the different effects of the car wax and the characteristics of the paint, so the effect will be more obvious. The waxing operation is generally carried out after the car body is washed. The current car wax is mostly liquid wax. Before use, shake the product evenly. Pour a small amount onto a wet cloth or sponge and wipe it on the surface of the car paint. After a little drying, Then use a soft cloth to dry repeatedly; in addition, some are solid wax, the operation is generally the same, the more advanced wax waxing, the more time-saving and labor-saving. The waxing operation should be done in a cool place. In addition, after a car has been polished and polished, it must be coated with protective glazing wax, which can make the paint gloss double. And has a long-term protection.Car polishing