Car carbon deposit has always been the most troublesome maintenance link for riders, but if you pay attention to good driving habits during daily driving, you can improve the formation of carbon deposits. Here are some basic tips.

1, do not idle for a long time

The idle time is long, and the time required for the engine to reach normal temperature becomes longer. When the gasoline is sprayed on the back of the valve, the evaporation speed is slow, and carbon deposits are born. At the same time, it is often idling, and the air flow into the engine is also small, so that the scouring effect on the carbon deposit becomes weak, which promotes the deposition of carbon deposits.

2, pay attention to the timing of flameout

For a car equipped with a turbocharger, do not immediately turn off the fire after high-speed driving or climbing, and then turn off the flame after 10 minutes of idling. The car with the turbocharger will form carbon deposits at a faster rate than the natural inhalation. The car is several times faster.

3. Use clean gasoline

Impurities in gasoline are the main components of carbon deposits, so the tendency for carbon to form carbon deposits is weaker. However, it should be noted that the high number is not equal to the high quality. The label only represents the octane number of the oil and does not represent the quality and cleanliness. In order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, some car owners will use gasoline detergent in their gasoline. This effectively prevents the formation of carbon deposits on the metal surface, and gradually activates the original carbon particles and slowly removes them to protect the engine from damage. However, the addition of gasoline cleaners must be cautious. If you add a fake product, you will get the opposite effect.

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