Clean your car regularly
This question seems to be a bit redundant. Why do we wash cars? The car is dirty, then it will be washed. Yes, I also know that the car is dirty to wash the car, but what I want to express here is to tell those who are lazy to wash the car, if you do not wash the car, bird droppings, the dust on the body, the rain will do harm to your body! If you spend too much money on cars, you don’t want cars to age too early. Therefore, to sum up, regular cleaning of vehicles is of great significance for making vehicles clean and new and extending the aging time of vehicles.
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When you wash the car, you should pay attention to those items.
 In summer, wash the car with cold water, after high speed or in the sun after sun exposure, the car paint surface temperature is very high, if this time with cold water will have a very serious impact on the car lacquer surface (for the newly repaired scratch surface impact more), serious will lead to car lacquer cracking. In addition, the metal structure of the car, especially the internal structure of the machine, may cause damage. In the most extreme case, the metal component can produce cracks and then affect the safety.
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How to control the frequency of car washing
For the frequency of car washing, there are experts suggesting that in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, these cities are driving in the first line of cities. In general, it is good to wash a car for two weeks, but it is not absolute, more depending on the specific use, but if dust, mud, heavy rain and so on, the owner of the car should clean the vehicle as soon as possible, lest Corrosion of car paint except acid. But car washing should not be too frequent. Frequent car wash will accelerate the oxidation of paint surface.
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