In the summer, the temperature drops and the cold days are coming. The erosion of snow water, the erosion of the falling gum, the car paint surface has to face a severe test, then how to maintain the car exterior? How can we keep the paint finish bright?

1, pay attention to clean the car exterior

Keeping the car clean is not enough just to wipe the dust. Pay attention to cleaning the vehicle frequently and in a timely manner. It is best to use car-specific cleaning agents and small alkaline soaps. Do not use detergents with high alkalinity such as decontamination powder and washing powder. Otherwise, the dust will be washed away and the surface of the paint will be accelerated and the vehicle will be tarnished.

2, pay attention to regular glazing

When the car is driving for a period of time, it should be surface-polished and waxed. Foreign countries are very particular about car waxing, and there are many special tools and materials. There are two kinds of cleaning agents commonly used before waxing: one is an abrasive type, which can wipe off the surface oxide layer; the other is a chemical cleaning agent that dissolves the deposited oil for erasing. When using, first clean the car body, apply a scrubbing cream or cleaning agent, and scrub with a towel.

3, pay attention to the maintenance of plated metal parts

For plated metal parts, use a carbon detergent for cleaning. Do not use hard tools to scrape dirt. The plated parts should also be waxed periodically to protect the coating from oxidation.

In addition, when the majority of car owners usually maintain the car, whether it is their own hands or go to the car wash franchise, we must use regular steps and regular care supplies, or it will be counterproductive, causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

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