Car engine overheating is very dangerous, and bad luck can cause the engine to be destroyed. When driving on a highway at a high speed, or when climbing a car, if the pointer of the water temperature meter enters the red zone, stays high, or repeatedly vibrates in the red zone, emergency measures must be taken.

If the car engine is overheated on an ordinary road, you should lower the speed as soon as possible, drive the car into the shade, or drive to a relatively cool place to stop the car. Open the hood and let the engine idle and wait for the engine temperature to gradually return to normal. After the engine water temperature returns to normal, the engine is turned off. Then wait for a while until the engine’s water temperature drops sufficiently, then check the engine’s cooling water volume. At this time, the amount of cooling water of the engine is seriously insufficient. After making up the cooling water according to the specified amount, check the cooling system to confirm that there is no other fault, you can start the car engine and continue driving.

If the car engine overheats on the highway, you must immediately turn on the warm air and open the window, when the car will be hot like hell. Since the warm air helps the cooling water to dissipate heat, the cooling water temperature can be greatly reduced. In this way, you can continue driving, find the exit of the highway, and drive the car to a safe place to stop. Next, just follow the above method to lower the temperature of the engine. Note that it is best not to park your car on the side of the road, so as not to affect traffic or be crashed. You must park your car in a safe place.

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