In the hot summer, we can hide in the air-conditioned room to escape the heat, but the car is not so lucky. When you drive a car or park your car in an open-air car park, your car can be exposed to the sun. The scorching of the sun can adversely affect the paint and interior of the car and accelerate the aging of the car. If you don’t have good care, it may be that the car is particularly old after a year or two. In fact, in the summer, there are some skills in car care.

1. Car wash in the shade
Washing the car in a cool place can avoid stubborn and unsightly residue on the car when the foam is dry. The most important thing is that when the car is washed under the sunlight, the water droplets on the car will collect light, which will cause local high temperature on the car, which is extremely unfavorable for the car paint. In addition, the tissue used for wiping the body should be a fine fiber rag. If you need to use detergent, choose neutral.
2, waxing
Waxing the car after washing the car can enhance and extend the gloss of the paint. It protects the body from the sun, prevents the car paint from fading, and keeps the car easy to clean after a few months. There are many choices of wax. It is better to choose a spray wax that is simpler and more trouble-free than a hard wax. Spraying wax can also protect the car until autumn.
3, remove bird droppings and gum
In the summer, parking in a cool tree for a while, the car may have a pile of bird droppings and gum, and timely treatment is the best. If they are not handled in time, they will cause damage to the paint. Especially after being sun-dried, bird droppings and gums will become more difficult to handle. Prompt removal of these contaminants helps prevent paint damage and saves many maintenance costs in the future.
4, car interior care
Leather interiors dry out, discolor and crack under prolonged exposure, so leather interiors need to be treated, such as some leather care agents. In addition, if the fabric seat is used, it is necessary to remove the stains in the fabric seat to prevent the dirt from being odorous after being baked and penetrating into the fibers of the fabric seat. The sand on the floor and the seat needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to prevent wear.
5, avoid sunscreen pollution
Sunscreens protect human skin well, but sunscreens are not suitable for use on cars. From 4 to 50 sunscreens, the chemicals inside may leave stubborn white stains on the paint and interior. Car paint and some interior components are not like the steering wheel cover, even if they are replaced. So some riders who have just applied sunscreen can never put sunscreen on the car.
There is a saying that “the car is bought and used, not bought for”. Indeed, it is unnecessary to over-protect your car. With the application of new technologies and new materials, cars are not so vulnerable. But it takes a little part of the time to make your car look bright and new. It’s also worth it.
Car Care