When many car owners routinely maintain the car, the appearance and maintenance of important parts are always very cautious, and occasionally they ignore the cleanliness interior the car. However, the interior of the car is also regularly cleaned.

All-in-one cleaning: It is to thoroughly clean and comprehensively clean the instrument control panel, ceiling, rear cylinder platform, seat, floor velvet and inner door panel in strict accordance with the dust removal, cleaning and maintenance trilogy. The cleaning process uses neutral or weak acid detergents. The residue is free from harmful gases and automatically evaporates in a few seconds. It is safe and environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the human body.

Leather protection: The professional car beauty shop is equipped with a complete set of leather care tools, using different tools for different parts.

Instrument control panel: The instrument control panel is the easiest to accumulate dust, and there are many dead angles. The owner can use the brush when cleaning himself. Brush the instrument panel, air conditioning air inlet, switch, button, etc. every day to prevent dust from accumulating and difficult to remove. If the instrument panel is dirty, use a special instrument panel cleaner and wipe it clean with a clean, soft cloth. After cleaning, a layer of table wax can be sprayed.

Ceiling: The interior  ceiling is a relatively easy to overlook place, and once it is cleaned, liquid residue will drip on the seat or carpet. American car decoration experts suggest: usually car owners can use the car vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and then go to the car beauty shop to do a comprehensive interior maintenance and then thoroughly clean the ceiling.

Fleece: When the local cashmere is dirty, it is very difficult to clean the work because it cannot be removed from the car. Therefore, the general owner chooses to go to a professional car beauty shop for cleaning, and usually lays a mat on the floor. For easy daily cleaning. After the foot pad is cleaned, the water should be squeezed out. Professional car beauty shop has a special pad washer, cleaning pad is fast and clean.

Inner door panel: The main stain of the inner door panel of the car is the shoe print, and they are concentrated on the lower edge of the door panel. Usually, pay more attention and clean frequently. The owner can clean with a professional foam cleaner and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

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